What Are Norman Doidge Brain Exercises Used For?


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In his books, Norman Doidge says brain exercises help the brain to repair itself if it gets injured or diseased. Doidge says brain exercises help to heal conditions such as autism, stroke, Parkinson's disease and traumatic head injury.

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Doidge explains that the brain is neuroplastic, meaning it can rewire itself if stimulated through conscious habits of action and thought. Several techniques are featured in Doidge's brain exercises, including the use of light, heat, sound and low-intensity lasers. These energy sources stimulate the brain's unused circuits to adapt them for other purposes, according to Doidge. Consequently, these therapies help to improve the conditions in individuals with stroke, multiple sclerosis and learning or attention disorders.

Deep meditation, relaxation and eye exercises can alleviate eye disorders. Doidge gives an account in which a patient overcame blindness by performing deep meditation and hand-eye exercises. Doctors also use Doidge's exercises to treat autoimmune eye conditions, such as double vision and lazy eye syndrome.

The second book by Doidge gives an account of a patient who overcame chronic neck pain by using rigorous mental imagery. Another patient practiced conscious walking to overcome gait and tremor problems. Doidge also describes a patient who gained normal brain development with the help a mother's voice, Mozart, and Gregorian chants.

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