What Is the Normal Phase of Titanium?


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According to About.com, titanium is a shiny, dark gray metal with a melting point of 1660 degrees Celsius at standard atmospheric pressure, making its normal phase a solid. Melted titanium requires heating to 3287 degrees Celsius to become a gas.

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Titanium is important in the formation of many alloys. It is resistant to corrosion and used to make jewelry. However, it is only malleable when free of oxygen. The density of titanium is between steel and aluminum, but some alloys come close to the tensile strength of steel, making it an important metal in the aerospace industry. Manufacturers often use titanium metal for items that come in contact with sea water, according to About.com.

While titanium is relatively inert, it combines with oxygen to form titanium dioxide when heated to red hot temperatures and chlorine at 550 degrees Celsius. It is the only metal known to burn in nitrogen.

While relatively soft, titanium dioxide is used by manufacturers to create man-made gemstones. According to Reference.com, it forms the star in star sapphires and is an ingredient in both house and artist paints. In house paint, it forms a permanent pigment that reflects solar heat. The use of titanium dioxide as a pigment accounts for the primary commercial use of the element.

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