What Is the Normal Phase of Gallium?


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The normal phase of the element Gallium is solid. This silvery-blue metal has a melting point of 29.76 degrees Celsius or 302.91 Kelvin and a boiling point of 2200 degree Celsius or 2473 Kelvin. Therefore, it remains a solid substance at average room temperature.

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What Is the Normal Phase of Gallium?
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Dmitri Mendeleyev predicted the presence of Gallium in the periodic table and termed it "aka-aluminum" in 1871. In 1875, Gallium was officially discovered by Paul-Émile Lecoq de Boisbaudran by spectroscopic method. Gallium is not available in the nature in pure form. Its traces can be found in coal and a few other elements. Gallium is highly reputed for the production of semi-conductors.

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