What Is Nitrogen Asphyxiation?


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Nitrogen asphyxiation occurs when the body intakes nitrogen through the lungs, causing a severe lack of oxygen. Asphyxiation can lead to death if the proper amount of oxygen is not present in the lungs.

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What Is Nitrogen Asphyxiation?
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Nitrogen is a natural deoxygenizing agent. In areas that contain a large amount of nitrogen in the air, it replaces the oxygen and cannot be detected through smell, sight or taste. Nitrogen is unsafe to breath unless there is a necessary amount of oxygen present in the area.

Due to the gas being difficult to detect, nitrogen asphyxiation may affect unknowing individuals, as it does not cause the painful effects of suffocation. Nitrogen asphyxiation prevents further intake of oxygen while the body continues to release carbon dioxide, and this may lead to unexpected health issues or death.

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