What Is a New York Snowstorm Like?


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Snowstorms in New York City often include deep drifts of snow, freezing rain, high winds and bitter cold. As a result of these weather conditions, New York typically experiences transportation delays and shutdowns, school closures, airport closures, and loss of power and other services.

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What Is a New York Snowstorm Like?
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In particularly bad snowstorms when all roads are impassable due to snow drifts, New York drivers have been known to abandon their cars. This makes matters worse since the vehicles block the way of snowplows trying to clear the snow from roads and sidewalks. New Yorkers are able to consult city-run websites to learn which roads have been opened as a snowstorm subsides.

High winds sometimes knock over objects throughout the city. Many businesses and government office shut down if a storm is severe enough. New York airports are usually closed for severe snowstorms, trains stop running, bus service is either canceled or curtailed, the New York Stock Exchange closes and Broadway shows go dark until the storm passes.

New York snowstorms sometimes result in deaths of city residents due to causes as diverse as freezing, inhaling carbon monoxide when trying to get warm in cars, suffering heart attacks from shoveling snow or being trapped in snow, often when roofs collapse. Property damage can run into the millions or even billions of dollars.

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