What Is a Neutral Color Scheme?

A neutral color scheme consists of muted colors such as khaki, brown, white, off-white, beige and gray. Neutral colors generally pair well with a variety of other colors and decor.

A neutral color scheme can produce a comfortable and soothing environment. Neutral paint makes rooms appear larger and brighter. Using the same neutral color in two joining rooms, such as a kitchen and dining room, make the spaces flow together more effectively.

Neutral colors never go out of style, so they benefit those who prefer not to update the look of the home regularly. They allow bold accents or furniture to stand out, rather than look cluttered. A person with a neutral color scheme in their home has more options when purchasing new furniture, because several styles and colors work well with neutrals. Choosing the lightest shade of a neutral hue increases this versatility.

Neutral colors create balance and give the room a classic look. Different shades of neutrals in one room add a personal touch without creating a gaudy, busy or flashy tone.

Neutrals are ideal for relaxing areas of the home such as bedrooms, bathrooms or porches. They also create an inviting atmosphere for office areas or businesses.