What Do You Need to Access EBSCO Databases?

EBSCO requires users to enter a user ID and a password to access its databases. Most of its users access the website with an account provided by their school, workplace or public library.

The EBSCO website is one of the largest and most widely used ways to access peer-reviewed journals, books and periodicals online. Users can gain access to dozens of individual databases covering everything from health care to world textiles. Each of these specialized databases contains thousands of books and articles relating to its topic.

Most schools and universities have accounts with EBSCOhost that allow their students to use the website for scholastic research, but the licenses may prohibit use of these accounts for commercial purposes. Many libraries also provide access to their patrons through online accounts. An EBSCOhost application is available through the Google Play store. It allows users with access through a library to use the service while on the go with their smartphone or tablet.

In addition to the classic EBSCOhost database collection, EBSCO offers a variety of research products geared toward different industries, including medical, legal, educational and other areas. Many businesses and corporations subscribe to one of these specialized databases designed for commercial use.