What Are Some NASA Launches That Happened in the Wallops Flight Facility?


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On Jan. 9, 2014, an Antares-Cygnus rocket, CRS-1, launched from the Wallops Flight Facility to the International Space Station. The mission was the first commercial resupply flight to the ISS. On Oct. 28, 2014, CRS-3 exploded spectacularly, seconds into its own ISS resupply mission.

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The Virginia Commercial Space Flight Authority and Mid-Atlantic Regional Spaceport partnered with NASA to launch a series of eight ISS supply missions from Wallops. The first two flights were successful before the early evening explosion damaged the launch facility.

NASA uses Wallops primarily to launch suborbital sounding rockets, which can reach altitudes higher than many low-Earth orbit satellites and can launch on demand. Their missions include calibration and validation of space-based sensors, payload development, and scientific or academic experimentation.

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