What Are the Names of the Stars in the Libra Constellation?

The Libra constellation is defined by its brightest stars Alpha Librae (α Lib or Zubenelgenubi), Beta Librae (β Lib or Zubeneschamali ), and Gamma Librae (γ Lib or Zubenelakrab). It also plays host to other double, binary, and variable stars.

The brightest star in Libra is Beta Librae, a green star with a magnitude of 2.7 and is 160 light years from Earth. The second brightest is Alpha Librae, a binary star 77 light years away with its primary at magnitude 2.7 and its secondary at 5.2. Meanwhile, Gamma Librae is orange in color and registers magnitude 3.9 and 152 light years from Earth. Despite its conspicuous nature, Gamma Librae is only the sixth brightest star in the constellation.

Other identified stars that form part of the Libra constellation include Sigma Librae, Iota Librae, Upsilon Librae, Tau Librae, Theta Librae, Kappa Librae, Epsilon Librae, and Delta Librae. Meanwhile, other modern discoveries with non-Greek nomenclatures include 16 Librae, 37 Librae, 11 Librae, 48 Librae, and 42 Librae.

Some stars in Libra have their own planets. 23 Librae has two planets b and c, while the star HD 141937 has a huge gas giant planet discovered in 2001.

Libra is named from the Latin for weighing scales, and is part of the twelve zodiac signs. Notably, Libra is the only zodiac sign that is not named after an animal.