What Are the Names of the Four Hemispheres of the Earth?

The Earth is divided into four hemispheres, which are known as the Eastern Hemisphere, Southern Hemisphere, Western Hemisphere and Northern Hemisphere. The equator, which has the geographical position of 0 degrees latitude, is the dividing line that separates the Northern Hemisphere and Southern Hemisphere into two equal halves. The imaginary line that separates the Eastern Hemisphere and Western Hemisphere is called the prime meridian, which has the coordinate of 0 degree longitude.

The Northern Hemisphere is above the equatorial line while the Southern Hemisphere is below this imaginary line. Similarly, the Eastern Hemisphere is located to the right of the prime meridian while the Western Hemisphere is to the left of it.

North America, Europe and certain parts of South America, Africa and Asia are found in the Northern Hemisphere. Every continent is contained in one or more of these four hemispheres. For example, different parts of Africa are located in all four hemispheres.