What Are the Names of Flowers That Start With V?

Flowers that start with the letter V include viola, vinca, verbena and vanilla orchid. Viola and vinca are annual flowers that grow well in partly shady locations. Verbena is also an annual flower, but it prefers to grow in full sun. In its natural setting, a vanilla orchid typically grows in partial shade with tree-filtered sunlight.

Because of their ability to tolerate both heat and cold well, violas can be used to brighten up a garden by adding color in the winter and spring months. Violas are grown in window boxes, containers and landscapes. They are related to pansies, and the flowers are sometimes used in food.

Vincas are easy to grow flowers that are used in flower beds and container gardens. Once established, vincas can also do well in hot, dry areas.

Verbena does not require a large amount of attention. Although typically considered an annual flower, verbena is perennial in climates without frost. Caring for verbena involves fertilizing once a year and regular watering while the plant is getting established.

Vanilla grows as a vine, and it adheres to forest trees. The fruit of the vanilla orchid is known as a vanilla bean. Vanilla orchids are aromatic, flavorful flowers that are commonly used in perfumes and food.