What Are the Names of Some Dormant Volcanoes?

names-dormant-volcanoes Credit: Alaska Photography/Moment/Getty Images

Mount Fuji and Mount Ranier are both names of dormant volcanoes. Dormant volcanoes are those that have not recently erupted but are still expected to at some point in time.

Mount Fuji, located outside of Tokyo, is currently dormant. Scientists do have some concerns that Mount Fuji is overdue for an eruption, and it is estimated that the damage from such an eruption could cause more than $21 billion worth of damage, according to National Geographic.

Hawaii is home to several active and dormant volcanoes. According to the Hawaii Center for Volcanology, Haleakala, Mauna Kea and Hualalai are all dormant volcanoes in the state. Mauna Kea's last eruption was an estimated 4,000 years ago.