What Are the Names of Chemistry Glassware Pieces?


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In chemistry, beakers, burettes, flasks, slides, funnels, test tubes, droppers, graduated cylinders and watch glasses are all made out of glass. They are usually made of glass that is able to withstand high temperatures due to the high temperatures of experiments.

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What Are the Names of Chemistry Glassware Pieces?
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Beakers are used to measure or pour liquid, as well as for heating or mixing in experiments. Scientists use burettes to measure liquids for experiments and to add small amounts at regular increments in experiments; they are clamped above the experiment, and they have a small valve to allow liquid through the bottom as needed. Flasks are used to contain liquid. A number of different types of flasks exists, from Erlenmeyer to Florence flasks; sometimes flasks have multiple necks to control reactions. They can also be used to distill liquids. Slides are used for viewing parts of experiments under a microscope.

Scientists use funnels to pour liquid into small-mouthed containers. Test tubes are mostly used for holding small samples during an experiment. Droppers move small amounts of liquid from one place to another, like a turkey baster but much smaller; they also allow the scientist to add small amounts of liquid at a time. Scientists use graduated cylinders for measuring. Watch glasses are for observing how small amounts of liquids evaporate.

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