What Are the Names of Some Animals That Start With the Letter "F?"

The names of some animals that start with the letter F include falcons, foxes, ferrets and finches. Other animals whose names start with F are fer-de-lance, filaria, firefly, fish, fisher, flamingo, flatworm, flea, flicker, frog, flounder, fly, flycatcher and fulmar.

The falcon is a small bird of prey. The fox is a small, wild, intelligent canine, and a ferret is an animal related to the weasel. A finch is a small songbird, and a flicker is a type of woodpecker. The flycatcher is a bird that catches flies and other insects on its wing. The flamingo is a wading bird known for its pink plumage, and the fer-de-lance is a deadly snake found in the tropical areas of America and Asia.

Filaria are tiny worms that can cause illness, and fireflies are bioluminescent insects. A fisher is related to the weasel but is larger. Flatworms are leech-like worms that can be free-living or parasitic. Fleas are tiny wingless blood-sucking insects that live on mammals and birds.

Frogs are amphibians, and fish are animals that are entirely aquatic and breathe through gills. A flounder is a type of fish that lives on the ocean floor. Flies encompass many species of flying insects. A fulmar is a bird that resembles a seagull.