What Are Some Names of American Cliffs?

The Palisades, the Book Cliffs and Vermilion Cliffs are some American cliffs. The Palisades extend through New Jersey and New York, the Book cliffs spread through western Colorado and eastern Utah, and Vermillion Cliffs are located in Arizona and Utah.

The Palisades line the west bank of Hudson River for a 20-mile stretch between Jersey City, N.J., and the Tappan Zee Bridge in New York. The basalt cliffs rise to 540 feet above sea level at their peak, and the sill from which they form is approximately 1,000 feet thick at it's widest point. This sill formed 186 to 192 million years ago during the Early Jurassic period.

The Book Cliffs extend for 200 miles from De Beque Canyon in Colorado to Price Canyon in Utah. The mountain range contains both cliffs and buttes and rises in height from 4,500 to 8,000 feet above sea level. In areas of the range, the tops of south-facing buttes are lined with cretaceous period sandstone that resembles stacks of books.

The Vermilion Cliffs are part of the Grand Staircase, a larger landform of the Colorado Plateau. The cliffs begin near Page, Ariz., and extend across the Utah border. Large deposits of iron oxide color the cliffs the bright red.