What Is the Name of the Compound Cu3PO4?

The name of the compound Cu3PO4 is copper(I) phosphate, also known as cuprous phosphate. Copper(I) phosphate has a molar mass of 285.6094, according to EndMemo. Copper(II) phosphate has the compound molecular formula Cu3O8P2 and a molecular mass of 380.580724.

Copper(II) phosphate is also known as tricopper bis(orthophosphate), copper phosphate, cupric phosphate and tricopper diphosphate, according to PubChem Compound. Copper phosphate is the salt of phosphoric acid and copper, and it is insoluble in water, ranging in color from green to blue. Copper phosphate can be formed by mixing sodium phosphate and copper(II) chloride and by the reaction of phosphoric acid with either copper(II) hydroxide, copper(II) oxide or copper(II) carbonate.