What Is the Name of the Compound With the Chemical Formula CH3(2CO)?

CH3(2CO) is known as acetone or propanone and is an organic liquid substance. Acetone is found naturally in plants, trees, forest fires and volcanic ashes and is also found in landfill sites, vehicle exhaust and tobacco smoke.

Acetone is a flammable and colorless liquid that is used as a solvent to remove substances, such as fats, oils, resins, plastics, glues, lacquers, varnishes and paints. It is also used in the production of rayon, drugs, fibers, plastics, smokeless powder, film and other chemicals. Household products, such as paint remover, nail polish remover, cleaning products, rubber cement and liquid or paste waxes can also include acetone. Exposure to high levels of acetone can cause seizures, respiratory distress, coma or even death. It can be absorbed on the skin, through the lungs and by ingestion.