What Is N2H4?

Hydrazine is the name of the inorganic compound with the formula N2H4. Some other names for this compound are nitrogen hydride and diazane. Its molecular weight is 32.04516 grams per mole.

Hydrazine is soluble in an alcohol like ethyl alcohol, however, it is immiscible in chloroform. Its boiling point is 236 degrees Fahrenheit, while its flash point is 100 degrees.

In appearance, hydrazine is a colorless and flammable liquid that smells like ammonia. A common use of hydrazine is as a propellant for spacecrafts. This chemical compound also can be toxic. Exposure to excessive levels of this substance can cause different symptoms. If it is inhaled, it can cause irritation of the throat, nausea and inflammation in the lungs. More serious symptoms can be seizures and coma.