Why Must We Conserve Natural Resources?

Humans must conserve natural resources to ensure there is plenty for the next generation. This is especially necessary for non-renewable resources.

Non-renewable resources include fossil fuels like oil, coal and natural gas. Although these things are naturally-occurring resources, they are in limited supply. Conservation efforts ensure these precious resources are not wasted and are used more efficiently.

Renewable resources are those that can be replenished either naturally, or with the help of humans. Plants and trees are examples of renewable resources. Because the human population has skyrocketed, renewable resources have diminished dramatically. In order for people to have a place to live, they are expanding into forests and other wooded areas, cutting down plants and trees as they go. Small plants can rebound quickly, but it takes large trees and forests hundreds of years to be replaced. Making sure life future generations is as plentiful as it is today relies on proper usage of natural resources.

Two types of energy that are making it possible to conserve the world’s natural resources are solar and wind energy. Solar power harnesses the energy of the sun and wind energy converts naturally-occurring wind to electricity. Both of these resources are endless, clean and good for the environment.