What Muscles Make up the Triceps Surae?

The triceps surae is composed of the soleus muscle and the gastrocnemius muscle, both of which merge into the Achilles tendon, according to Kenhub. These muscles make up what is known as the calf of the leg.

Triceps is a Latin word used to describe a muscle group with three sections. The gastrocnemius muscle, consisting of two parts, along with the soleus muscle comprises this group of three. The soleus muscle stretches between the tibia and fibula and is almost completely overlapped by the gastrocnemius muscle. Both muscles merge into the Achilles tendon at the lower portion of the leg. The triceps surae muscles support the body during walking and keep it from falling. Their most important function is pulling the heel away from the shin, which helps propel the body forward. Additionally, these muscles help in bending the knee.

Strains and other injuries are common in the triceps surae. An abrupt increase in use of these muscles often causes injury to the Achilles tendon in addition to the damage inflicted on the triceps surae. Treatment for both of these problems includes rest, anti-inflammatory medication and physical therapy.

The word triceps is most commonly used in reference to the triceps brachii. The triceps brachii include the three muscles that make up the back of the upper arm, according to Tina M. St John, M.D., writing for AZCentral.