How Much Does Titanium Cost Per Pound?

Kirt Edblom/CC-BY-2.0

As of Sept. 2, 2014, titanium was priced at $2.72( U.S.) per pound. This price is known to fluctuate unpredictably according to market demand. Titanium is a low-priced metal compared to precious metals, such as gold or silver, and has a wide range of applications in construction and industry.

Alloys containing titanium are lightweight and durable, making them useful for modern technologies. They are found in everything from the aerospace industry to other commercial concerns, such as trucking, dentistry, sporting goods and mobile phones. Titanium’s wide-ranging use is due to its high resistance to corrosion; it also has the best strength-to-density ratio of any known element, making it ideal to protect its alloys from wear and tear.

Titanium is one of the most common elements mined in the world because it is so useful and prevalent within the Earth’s crust. It is found in nearly every living thing, rock, body of water and soil. It is the ninth most-abundant element in the crust of the Earth and the seventh most-abundant metal.

Titanium has been found in large quantities in moon rocks. It has even been detected as a component in one of the coldest known stars, the M-type, and also in the sun.