How Much Does a Standard Brick Weigh?


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A standard solid brick, which is 7 5/8 inches long and 2 1/4 inches high, weighs about 4.3 pounds. That same brick, cored, weighs about 3.6 pounds.

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How Much Does a Standard Brick Weigh?
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In addition to construction projects, clay bricks are extremely useful for around-the-house chores because of their sturdiness and heft. For example, a few bricks make effective weights for holding a tarp covering a pile of firewood. Placing bricks on both sides of the detached bottom section of a downspout holds it in place until it is repaired. When a whole chicken has been cut to lie flat on a grill butterfly-style, two bricks wrapped in foil and placed on top of the meat make it lie flat. This helps the chicken cook evenly.

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