How Much Force Can a Human Exert?

much-force-can-human-exert Credit: U.S. Army/CC-BY-2.0

Newton's second law of motion states that the force that an object exerts is equal to that object's mass times its acceleration. The amount of force that individuals can exert is directly proportional to their mass and the speed at which they are moving.

For example, if a 45 kg person and a 62 kg person are both accelerating at 2 m/s^2, the 62 kg person exerts a greater force than the 45 kg person. Similarly, if both people are 62 kg and one of them is accelerating at 2 m/s^2 and the other at 3 m/s^2, the person accelerating at 3 m/s^2 has a greater force than the person accelerating at 2 m/s^2.