How Much Does the Element Radium Cost Per Gram?

much-element-radium-cost-per-gram Credit: Hero Images/Hero Images/Getty Images

An average cost of radium does not exist as it does not exist in its pure form. Prices for salts and minerals with traces of radium may be bought at varying prices

Radium is the element discovered my Marie and Pierre Curie in 1898. Based in Northern Bohemia, they found the element naturally in deposits of pitchblende. To isolate radium Curie used radium chloride and the process of electrolysis with a mercury cathode. Once distilled through hydrogen a pure white metal was discovered. Marie Curie earned two Nobel prizes for her research on Radium focusing primarily on its radioactive nature.

Radium is used in radiotherapy for treatments of cancer with a half life of only four days. Currently deposit sites have been found in the Carnotite sands of Colorado, the Democratic Republic of Congo and Great Bear Lake in Canada.