How Much Did the Largest Hailstone Weigh?


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The largest hailstone ever recorded weighed 1 pound, 15 ounces; it measured 8 inches in diameter and 18.62 inches in circumference. It fell during a severe thunderstorm over the small town of Vivian, South Dakota, in 2010.

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How Much Did the Largest Hailstone Weigh?
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The hailstone from the South Dakota storm may originally have been larger. Vivian resident Les Scott, who recovered the record-breaking stone, placed it in a freezer that subsequently lost power from the hailstorm.

Heavier hailstones fell on the Golpalganj district of Bangladesh in 1986, but they were smaller in diameter. The largest authenticated one weighed 2.25 lbs. This storm killed 92 people in the area, although not all the deaths were attributed to hail alone.

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