How Much Is 63 Inches in Feet?

The equivalent of 63 inches is 5.25 feet. There are 12 inches in 1 foot, so to convert 63 inches into feet, solve the equation (63 inches)(1 foot/12 inches). The solution is 5.25 feet.

Historically, an inch was the width of a person's thumb, but it is now a standardized part of the imperial system. Originally, the foot was the length of a person's foot, but the Romans used a foot that was 12 inches long and measurements using it were said to be "by the foot of St. Paul's." The Normans adapted the Roman foot to be 36 barleycorns, which is also 12 inches. When the Normans defeated England in 1066, they brought the Roman foot with them, where it eventually became standard until the metric system was adopted.