What Is a Mother of Millions Plant?


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A mother-of-millions plant is a weed native to Madagascar. It was introduced and grown in Australia as a garden plant, becoming a problematic weed over time.

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Mother-of-millions plants are capable of rapid reproduction, producing hundreds of plantlets in a short amount of time. They can thrive in harsh desert conditions with minimal water, allowing them to spread with little resistance during droughts.

Mother-of-millions plants are typically 12 to 40 inches in height, with pinkish-brown or gray stems. Each stem produces pointed, pale green or brown leaves. The tips of the leaves sprout projections that can grow new plants when they break off. The flowers of the plant grow from a single protruding stem. These flowers are commonly orange or red, and typically bloom from May to October.

Mother-of-millions is a toxic plant, capable of causing heart failure. The entirety of the plant is poisonous to any animal or person if it is ingested, and it should be kept away from children and pets. It is considered an immense problem for herds of livestock, as they are likely to ingest the plants when grazing. This problem increases during food shortages or if the livestock is moved to an unfamiliar area. It has been declared a noxious weed in Australia.

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