What Is a Mosfet Used For?


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MOSFETs are used to switch electrical signals between different poles or to amplify or to decrease the input voltage. They facilitate the conversion of input voltages for high draw applications.

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The metal oxide semiconductor field effect transistor was first patented in 1925. It is constructed from a semiconductor with a switching gate and a layer of insulating material. It has three poles that are connected to different circuits on a printed circuit board. The source is constantly charged (positive), while one is a drain (negative) and the final, third pole is the gate. When the gate is positively charged, the current from the source is combined and the converted current exits through the drain. N-channel MOSFETs are used to step down the input voltages by only allowing the electrons to travel through. P-channel MOSFETs are used to step up the input voltages by allowing the positive charge to pass through. They typically work together in pairs and are used to convert voltage input in a computer circuit. Most computer components require different voltages. MOSFETs work between the power supply and the components to convert voltage inputs. They are also used between the different components to convert the signals to a readable form.

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