What Is the Moon Made Of?

moon-made Credit: gft/Moment Open/Getty Images

The lunar crust is made of 43 percent oxygen, 20 percent silicon, 19 percent magnesium, 10 percent iron, 3 percent calcium and 3 percent aluminum. The moon's core is thought to consist of iron, sulfur and nickel, with the largest middle layer, or mantle, composed of olivine, clinopyroxene and orthopyroxene.

The moon’s core occupies about 2 percent of the moon’s entire mass and is in a partly molten state. The moon’s surface layer also has trace amounts of 0.42 percent chromium, 0.18 percent titanium, 0.12 percent manganese, potassium, uranium, thorium, hydrogen and a few more elements. All these elements form a strong layer called regolith. Mafic plutonic and maria basalt are the two types of rocks found in the regolith.