Which Months in the Calendar Have Five Weeks?


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None of the months in the calendar have five weeks. However, in all months except February there are two or three days of the week that occur five times.

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Since there are seven days in a week, there are 35 days in five weeks. April, June, September and November each have 30 days. January, March, May, July, August, October and December each have 31 days. February has 28 days, except in a Leap Year, when it has 29 days.

Twenty-eight days is equal to four weeks. If a month has 30 days, it exceeds four weeks by two days, meaning there are two days of the week that occur five times in that month. If a 30-day month starts on a Tuesday, the two days that occur five times are Tuesday and Wednesday.

If a month has 31 days, then it has four weeks plus three days. If a 31-day month begins on a Saturday, there are five Saturdays, five Sundays, and five Mondays.

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