What Are Some Facts About Monsoons?

What Are Some Facts About Monsoons?

Some facts about monsoons include that they commonly occur in the summer and they are characterized by hot, rainy weather. Monsoons are the seasonal change in the direction of the prevailing winds in a region. They occur in Western Africa, Asia and Australia, as well as parts of the American South.

Monsoon Formation

Monsoons form in the summer months when the sea breeze from the ocean pushes cooler water over the nearby landmasses. As the cold air rises over the land, it becomes unstable and unable to hold water. This leads to precipitation falling to the ground. These rains continue throughout the season and are referred to as monsoons.

Monsoon Effects

The regions where monsoons occur depend on the seasonal rains for many reasons. Most of these areas don't have irrigation systems to water crops, and many areas gather water from the monsoons to use for hydroelectric power. When the monsoons don't occur on time, the area suffers. Monsoons that are stronger than expected can lead to flooding and cause mudslides that devastate local areas.