What Is a Monochromatic Color Scheme?


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A monochromatic color scheme is a color scheme in which a single color is the primary decorative color for a room. This single color is often accompanied by neutral colors to offer a bit of variance and contrast to the area.

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With a monochromatic color scheme, shades of the same color are applied throughout the room. For example, a kitchen can employ shades of yellow, with different shades of yellow used for the walls, floor tiles, draperies and furnishings. A neutral shade of white added to the ceiling or trim breaks up the yellow.

Mixing various secondary colors into the primary monochromatic color also aids in creating differences in the look. As long as the primary color is the same, then it is still considered a monochromatic color scheme. The most commonly added secondary colors are gray, white and black, which help to change the basic tone of the color. Different textures also add complexity to a monochromatic color scheme.

A monochromatic scheme tends to look more cohesive than a mixture of colors. It also tends to provide an artistic look to a room by using contrasting hues to attract attention and create greater focus on the different components of the room.

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