What Is the Molecular Weight of Citric Acid?


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The molecular weight of citric acid is 192.12 g/mol. It has the chemical formula C6H8O7 and has a sharp-tasting crystalline acid like that present in the juice of lemons and other sour fruits.

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What Is the Molecular Weight of Citric Acid?
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To determine the molecular weight of C6H8O7, the sum of the atomic weights of the atoms in a single molecule need to be determined. There are six carbon, eight hydrogen and seven oxygen atoms, and their atomic weights, as found in the Periodic Table of the Elements, are 12.011 g/mol, 1.00784 g/mol and 15.9994 g/mol respectively. Adding (6 x 12.011 g/mol), (8 x 1.00784 g/mol) and (7 x 15.9994 g/mol) yields 192.12 g/mol, which is the molecular weight of citric acid.

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