What Is the Molecular Geometry of PF5?

The molecular geometry of PF5, phosphorus pentafluoride, is triangular bipyramidal. It has 10 electrons surrounding a central phosphorous atom, creating five electron pairs in a trigonal bipyramidal shape.

According to Chem Tube 3D and Purdue's chemistry department, PF5 has three fluorine atoms that lie along the equator of the molecule. It also has two fluorine atoms that are axial and lie in a plane perpendicular to the equatorial plane. The phosphorus and fluorine atoms are covalently bonded. The bond angles between the three equatorial positions are 120 degrees each, and the bond angles between the axial and equatorial positions are 90 degrees each. According to David Roth's Tutor Homework page, PF5 has a hybridization model of sp3d, and it has a symmetric charge distribution; therefore the molecule is nonpolar.