What Is the Molar Mass of Sodium Nitrate?

The molar mass of sodium nitrate is 85 grams. The compound formula for sodium nitrate is NaNO3, whereby Na stands for Sodium, N for Nitrogen, and O for Oxygen. The subscript 3 indicates that there are three elements of Oxygen in the compound.

The molar mass of NaNO3 is equal to the sum of the molar masses of all the elements that make up one molecule of the compound. To find the masses of these elements, consult the Periodic Table. The molar masses of Sodium, Nitrogen and Oxygen are 22.99, 14.01 and 16 grams, respectively. To find the molar mass of NaNO3, add the molar masses of all the atoms used in the compound 22.99g + 14.01g + (3 x16g), which is equal to 85g.