What Is the Molar Mass of Propanol?


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The molar mass of propanol is 60.09 g/mol. Propanol is also known as 1-propanol, and has the chemical formula, C3H8O. It has one isomer called isopropanol or 2-propanol.

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To determine the molar mass of the chemical compound C3H8O, add the molar masses of the atoms in its chemical composition. To determine the molar masses of individual elements in propanol, consult the Periodic Table of the Elements, as the molar mass of every atom is shown in it. One molecule of propanol consists of three carbon, eight hydrogen and one oxygen atoms with molar masses of 12.01, 1.008 and 16.00 g/mol, respectively. Adding the masses, (3x12.01)g/mol, (8x1.008)g/mol and 16g/mol, yields 60.09g/mol, the molar mass of propanol.

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