What Is the Molar Mass of NH4NO3?

The molar mass of NH4NO3 is about 80.04 grams per mole. The chemical formula NH4NO3 represents the chemical ammonium nitrate. The molar mass is calculated by summing the mass of each atom in a molecule of ammonium nitrate.

The formula NH4NO3 shows that the compound contains two atoms of nitrogen, four atoms of hydrogen and three atoms of oxygen, as indicated by the elemental symbols and the numbers, which are typically written in subscript. The mass of nitrogen is about 14.01 grams per mole. The mass of hydrogen is about 1.01 grams per mole, and the mass of oxygen is about 15.99 grams per mole. The molar mass of NH4NO3 is composed of 34.99 percent nitrogen, 5.04 percent hydrogen and 59.96 percent oxygen.