What Is the Molar Mass of Mg(OH)2?


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The molar mass of Mg(OH)2 is equal to about 58.31 grams per mole. That mass comes from the mass of each atom contained in a single molecule of Mg(OH)2, with 41.67 percent coming from magnesium, 3.45 coming from hydrogen and 54.86 percent coming from oxygen.

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The atomic mass of each element in Mg(OH)2 can be found on the periodic table. The atomic mass is for a single atom, so it must be multiplied by the number of atoms in the compound to determine the mass of each element. For example, the mass of a hydrogen is equal to about 1, which is then multiplied by 2 to find that there are 2 grams per mole of hydrogen in one molecule of Mg(OH)2.

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