What Is the Molar Mass of Cyclohexane?


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Cyclohexane has a molar mass of 84.16 grams ('molar mass' refers to the weight of one mole [6.02 x 10^23 molecules] of a substance). It is a colorless liquid cycloalkane substance with the molecular formula (CH2)6 and a strong odor similar to cleaning detergents.

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Nearly all cyclohexane is produced artificially, as it is difficult to obtain naturally. It can be produced by hydrogenating benzene to create an exothermic reaction with cyclohexane as a byproduct. Cyclohexane is nonpolar, hydrophobic and relatively inert, though it does reacts with superacids. Cyclohexane is most commonly used as a solvent or to produce the raw materials used in industrial nylon production.

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