What Is the Molar Mass of CAOH2?


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The molar mass of Ca (OH)2 is 74.093 grams per mole. Calcium hydroxide is a crystalline white powder at room temperature and is commonly called slaked lime. It has a high melting point of 1,076 degrees Fahrenheit and is also referred to as hydrated lime or builder’s lime.

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Calcium hydroxide is obtained when lime is added to water and the process is called slaking. Calcium hydroxide is an odorless inorganic compound that is mildly soluble in water, glycerol and acids but is insoluble in alcohol. A saturated solution of calcium hydroxide in water is called quick lime and it is moderately basic.

Calcium hydroxide is used in the treatment of sewage and in lowering the acidity of water. Acidic water can cause corrosion in metals and calcium hydroxide can help to reduce this corrosion. It is used in the manufacture of paper where it is mainly used to prepare sodium hydroxide. It is also used in the leather tanning industry to remove hair from hides and as medicine in the treatment of acid burns or cases of mild acidity. Calcium hydroxide is also an important component of mortar, cement and plaster. When calcium hydroxide is added to the soil, it lowers its acidity and improves nitrogen fixation in the soil. The soil absorbs more phosphorous and this aids in improving crop yields.

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