What Is the Molar Mass of C3H8?


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The molar mass of C3H8 is 44.096 grams per mole. C3H8 is the chemical formula for propane, which is a common gas used in outdoor barbecues.

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This molar mass can be calculated by multiplying the molar mass of hydrogen, 1.0079 grams per mole, by the number of hydrogen atoms in propane, eight, and adding the molar mass of carbon, 12.011 grams per mole, multiplied by the three atoms found in the chemical. The resulting equation is: 8 x 1.0079 + 3 x 12.011 = 44.096 grams per mole. Another common way to write the chemical formula for propane is CH3CH2CH3, which emphasizes how the carbon-hydrogen covalent bonds are arranged within the molecule.

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