What Is a Mixed Decimal?

A mixed decimal is a number that has a whole number as well as a decimal point included in it. An example of a mixed decimal would be the number 3.1008.

Mixed numbers are ones that are not whole numbers, they can not be separated into 2 or more whole things and will contain a fraction instead of a decimal. A mixed number can be anything from 5 2/8 to 35/2985 and includes a whole number as well as a portion of another number. It is important to note that a mixed number can easily be made into a mixed decimal by converting the fraction into decimal form. In order to convert a fraction into a decimal, the number on the top needs to be divided by the number on the bottom. This will result in the number becoming a mixed decimal such as 5.31 or 4.00018.

Having a basic understanding of math is important when trying to convert fractions into mixed decimals. The easiest fractions to convert are ones that have multiples of 10 in the bottom number because a decimal number is always a multiple of 10. Students who are attempting to convert fractions into decimals should know how to do simple multiplication as well as division to ensure that they are getting the correct number.