How Do You Mix Colors to Make Aqua?

Timur Emek / Stringer/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

When working with watercolors or similar types of dye or paint, mixing primary colors allows painters to create specific shades not included in the paint kit. Mixing blue and green paint together creates any shade of aqua desired.

  1. Wet the brush

    Wet the watercolor brush fully with clean water. Slide it across the edge of the mixing palette to release as much water as possible.

  2. Pick up the blue pigment

    Stroke the brush across the desired shade of blue. Transfer the color to the mixing palette by stirring it into the existing puddle of water. Stir until the puddle is completely blue. Don’t rinse the brush after this step.

  3. Pick up the green pigment

    Stroke the brush over the green watercolor. Stir the green paint from the brush into the existing blue puddle of watercolor until the exact shade of aqua desired is achieved.