How Are Mirror Reflections Used in Physics?


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Mirror reflections are used in the construction and working of solar cookers, solar heaters, periscopes, binoculars, looking mirrors, microscopes, cameras and in a kaleidoscope. Apart from plane mirrors, reflection of light from convex and concave mirrors is used in everyday applications too.

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A periscope is used in submarines, and the mirror is placed so as to reflect light into the two lenses placed inside the periscope. One lens is called the eye piece, and the other is called the objective lens. A mirror is also placed directly beneath a specimen in a compound microscope. The mirror reflects the light directly onto the specimen to be observed, making it appear brighter.

Convex or safety mirrors are used in vehicles to view objects at the rear. Ceiling dome mirrors are used for surveillance. These mirrors are fixed on the ceiling to observe people moving in the facility.

Concave mirrors are used as reflectors in headlights of vehicles. The concave-shaped reflector is placed directly behind the bulb in the headlights. After reflection, a powerful parallel beam of light is obtained from the headlights. A concave mirror is also used as a shaving mirror. When the face is held close to a concave mirror, a magnified image of the face is obtained.

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