What Mineral Group Is Aluminum In?


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Aluminum is part of the mineral group feldspars, which is within the group of minerals called silicates. There are eight major elements that make up the Earth, which are called the big eight and aluminum is within this group.

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What Mineral Group Is Aluminum In?
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Aluminum is a popular metal that is used for everyday things as well as manufacturing options. It is inexpensive, light and dense. It is able to fit into many functions and it is a widely available metal. It is extremely strong, but it is not as dense as iron. This makes it ideal as a replacement for many different applications that originally used iron.

One of the most common manufacturing and construction uses for aluminum is its application in aircraft construction. It is very light, but is also very strong. This makes it ideal to float in the air through the use of aircraft machines. There are not many metals available on the earth that are as lightweight, strong and durable as aluminum.

Despite the fact that it is used in so many everyday applications, many people forget that it is a very active metal. It is easy to be heated and has a somewhat low melting point in comparison with other metals. It is also explosive when it is in powder form. While aluminum is active, it is used in confidently in applications involving heat because it forms its own oxide barrier that prevents the reactions from occurring.

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