What Is a Milligrams-to-Grams Chart?

A milligrams-to-grams chart is a table that lists the number of milligrams per gram. The chart provides a reference for converting between two units of measure for mass, grams and milligrams.

During analysis, the units must remain the same throughout the computation. The addition of two weights provides an example. If an 8-gram weight is added to a 500-milligram weight, the result is not 8 grams, 500 milligrams. One of the weights has to be converted to the other unit of measure. Referencing the milligram-to-gram chart, 500 milligrams equals 0.5 grams. The resulting combined weight equals 8.5 grams. Alternatively, referencing the chart again, the 8 grams convert to 8,000 milligrams. The resulting weight measures 8,500 milligrams. The two results, reported as 8.5 grams and 8,500 milligrams, are equivalent.