Who Are the Millennials?

Millennials are people who may have been born between the year 1982 and the year 2002. They are considered to be among the most privileged generation on Earth, since they were born at a time of great technological advancement and general education.

Millennials are sometimes referred to as Generation Y, since they come immediately after Generation X. Millennials are said to be more technologically advanced because they were born in environments characterized by things, such as cell phones, computers, airplanes and televisions.

Some researchers note that Millennials are likely to have more liberal political views compared to their predecessors who were more conservative. This is because of the level of awareness in regards to equality and human rights. This generation has a tendency to accommodate divergent views and seek out ways to solve matters in a manner acceptable to all parties.

The generation has a sense of global responsibility owing to the fact that they are connected on a global scale. Frequent air travel, social media and the Internet in general are some of the things that have opened up the world as a global village. Millennials have accepted the fact that things happening in one part of the globe can easily affect them.