What Is a Military Clock?


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A military clock is a 24-hour clock that starts at midnight at the top and runs to midnight of the next day. Noon is placed at the bottom of the clock in the 6 a.m. and p.m. position of a standard clock.

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Midnight on a military clock is considered 00:00 or the start of a new day. One in the morning is 01:00. The first 12 hours of military time are the same as the first 12 hours of standard time. The two clocks, however, are different. While 6 a.m. is located at the bottom of a standard clock, the same time is located at the first 90-degree angle from the 12, or the 3 position on a standard clock.

After the first 12 hours, military and standard time diverge. The standard 1:00 p.m. becomes 13:00, or the 13th hour of the day. The standard 10 p.m. is 22:00. On a military clock, 13:00 lies just to the left of the bottom of the clock. On a standard clock, this would be between the 6 and 7. Instead of containing 12 numbers, military clocks contain 24, so each quarter section of the clock has six numbers instead of three. If a military clock were overlaid with a standard clock, the military numerals would occur on and between every number on the standard clock.

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