What Is the Middle Layer of the Sun's Atmosphere?


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The middle layer of the sun's atmosphere is known as the chromosphere. The chromosphere lies between layers of the sun known as the photosphere and the corona.

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What Is the Middle Layer of the Sun's Atmosphere?
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According to Amazing Space, the chromosphere is approximately 10,000 kilometers thick. Others such as Case Western Reserve give a more conservative estimate of 2,500 kilometers. The chromosphere is made up primarily of hydrogen, and according to the Marshall Space Flight Center, it has a temperature that varies between 6,000 and 20,000 degrees Celsius. The chromosphere is hotter than the photosphere, and according to Universe Today, this temperature difference may be due to turbulence in the Sun's atmosphere. During a total solar eclipse, it is possible to view the chromosphere because the moon blocks the light from the photosphere.

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