How Do Micro Wind Turbines That Are for Sale Benefit Homeowners?


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Micro wind turbines that are for sale benefit homeowners because they offer a clean alternative way to generate electricity for the home. Despite a potentially high initial cost, once the turbines are set up they are free to use. They can continuously generate energy, eventually paying for themselves without emitting harmful gases into the air or using up nonrenewable resources.

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Micro wind turbines are a form of alternative energy that use the wind to generate electricity. Large-scale wind turbines have been used for many years, but smaller systems available for homeowners and businesses are starting to become more popular. Given the right conditions, these turbines could provide homeowners with a clean source of energy that will cut electricity costs. The turbines do not emit gases or use water, so they are much more sustainable than the classic ways of producing electricity.

Wind generation is only possible in areas that have at least an average wind speed of 9.8 miles per hour 50 meters above ground, according to Colorado State University. The wind turbines work best when there are no large structures or hills to block the wind. Initial costs for micro wind turbines are typically somewhere between $4,000 and $8,000 per kilowatt, as of February 2015, but the government offers incentives for homeowners to purchase and utilize alternative energy sources.

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